• Prague Geotechnical Days 2017 and 25th Prague Geotechnical Lecture are scheduled for May 9th and May 10th, 2017. Topic of the seminar is "Piles as Retaining Structures". Workshop on "Foundations on Soft Ground" will be carried out on May 10th under the supervision of Prof. Mark Randolph.

    Prague Geotechnical Lecture lecture of the 25th Prague Geotechnical Days will be held by Prof. Mark Randolph from The University of Western Australia. Title of the lecture is "Design Issues for Steel Pipe Piles for Bridge Foundations, Coastal Structures and Offshore Applications".

    Invited lectures will by given by:
    Prof. Dietmar Adam from Technische Universität Wien, Austria
    Prof. Jorgen S. Steenfelt from COWI, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Prof. Jimmy Wehr from Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    Dr. Václav Račanský from Keller, Vienna, Austria
    Ing. Petr Nosek and Ing. Jan Šperger from Zakládání staveb a.s., Prague, Czech Republic
    Ing. Petr Kučera from SG Geotechnika a.s., Prague, Czech Republic
    Prof. Peter-Andreas von Wolffersdorff and Dr. Thomas Maier from Baugrund Dresden, Germany

    Quido Záruba Prize Ceremony followed by the lecture given by the young geotechnical professional awarded by Quido Záruba Prize will be done at the end of day one programme.

    Documents for download:

    Invitation and programme
    Registration form for presenters CZ and EN
    Registration form for participants CZ and EN
    Overview of past seminars
    Overview of past lectures
    Overview of past Quido Záruba prize awards